Modern Marketing

Great ideas come together.

At MGH, we have a mantra. We know. It sounds a bit new-age, but the reality is, we are living in a new age. So we thought it made sense to define our core beliefs in a few cogent words. Google has “Don’t be evil.” We have:

“Great ideas come together.”

What does that mean? It means that since our founding in 1995, we’ve recognized that none of us is as smart as all of us. And that we can do more as a group than we can individually. So we routinely bring together media people and creative people, social media and PR, web developers and account service members. And we ask them to think. And sometimes fight it out.

And if they do a good job, we might even get them pizza.

Of course, we don’t just collaborate with ourselves. We bring our clients into the discussions, soliciting their input and ideas, as opposed to simply presenting our own.

For client after client, this approach has produced work that is powerful and differentiating. Work that is talked about around town and often around the country.

Work, that works.

Advertising for an agency that makes advertising.

Over the years, we’ve produced a number of ads for ourselves. (Talk about a difficult client.) We figured it was the only way we'd understand the pain of coughing up real money – our own, not our clients' – to run an ad. Funny how that forces you into making every word count.

Enjoy our little collection of previously run ads at your leisure.