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08.03.16 / Digital Marketing Blog Image

Google Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads; SEM Advertisers Rejoice

For those of us used to being confined to the all too familiar formula of 25-35-35 when writing ad copy, the latest announcement by Google to roll out expanded text ads is a dream come true. Since Adwords was launched in 2000, text ads have consisted of a 25-character headline followed by two 35-character description lines.

07.29.16 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Launches Three New Client Websites

​Baltimore agency tapped to revamp websites for Hot Dog on a Stick and Laurel Springs School and design a microsite for OLD BAY to support its 2016 marketing...

07.27.16 /Social MediaInstagram like

Reviewing Instagram's New Tools for Business

This week, Instagram announced the introduction of Instagram Business Tools, a suite of features designed to help businesses better connect with consumers. I...

07.17.16 /Social MediaInstagram like

Algorithms Are Coming for Instagram!

We’ve all been in this boat: we’re scrolling through a friend’s account and see a photo from three days ago that we missed. You don’t want to double tap and ...

07.12.16 /Social MediaPokemon Go

Pokémon GO: Five Marketing Ideas for Your Business to Catch 'Em

New tech materializes on a seemingly daily basis, distracting consumers from what we really want them to do: buy our stuff. It’s become so hard to reach c...

07.11.16 /Social MediaPokemon Go

The Unexpected Return of Location-Based Social Networking

Something very strange, yet wonderful took place over the past week. People of all ages, races, cultures, and beliefs came together and hit the streets under...

07.08.16 /Account ServiceBudweiser Can

What’s in a Name?

After recently tying the knot in April, I found myself in the depths of MVA hell in order to change my last name on my license. It was in said hell that it s...

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