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Did New Marketing Tactics Make iPhone X the Greatest iPhone Yet?

These new tactics Apple employed were done in a strategic way to really increase excitement and elevate the desire of consumers. Were these tactics successful though?

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Navigating TV Waters in a Political Storm: 2018 Elections

Agencies, TV stations, and media consultants across the nation are certainly anticipating the storm brewing inside the D.C. Beltway. As we enter another poli...

10.27.17 /AdvertisingBlog Image

Millennials Are Not Your Target Audience

So why are we talking about generations and what do they really mean? We are shaped by the political, economic and social events that occurred during our com...

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5 Simple Steps for Writing About Complex Stuff

In the end, there's really no getting around it: Writing about complex material can be HARD. While the steps to being successful seem simple, they require a ...

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Facebook CPMs and CTRs on the Rise

Facebook ultimately controls the space at this point, and with so many other competing brands willing to shell out the extra bucks to have a presence on the ...

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It’s Not Millennials Killing Your Industry. It’s Common Sense.

Here are a few other examples of industries that are hurting and blaming millennials, courtesy of Business Insider...

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In the Name of “Brevity,” Twitter Gets Verbose

Twitter has certainly changed over the years. Earlier this week, founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced quite possibly the company’s most extreme development ...

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