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Five Hours and Four Minutes

That’s how long the average American adult watches television every day. That’s just one of the findings in Nielsen’s recently released media consumption research.

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The Art of Client Service – 8 Things You Need to Know

Robert Solomon recently released the third edition of his book “The Art of Client Service.” I have read several industry books over the years, but strangely ...

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It’s Officially Celebrity Corn Maze Season. What Makes This Such

Our PR brainstorms always have eight attendees – the seven members of our team and the list of qualities that make a story newsworthy. Without considering th...

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Vertical Video is King, and Facebook Knows It

If you were to rewind a year or two and ask marketers what they thought of vertical video, chances are that you’d get a few scoffs and rolled eyes from the h...

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Is Your Social Media Policy Illegal? Learning from Chipotle Ruli

Are you guilty of having a generic social media policy that reads similar to “employees are prohibited from making defamatory remarks about [company name] on...

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Twenty-nine years. Three jobs.

I’ve had three jobs in advertising. To be clear, I’ve worked at six agencies and spent a long stint as a freelancer, but I’ve basically had just three job...

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Nearly 60 Percent of Pokemon Go Players Surveyed Likely to Enter

​Restaurants and bars top the list of businesses where players have seen promotions, with Facebook as the dominating medium to deliver Pokemon-themed promotions

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