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02.06.17 / Advertising Blog Image

Super Bowl LI: An Exercise in Strategic Pandering

​If you were looking to escape politics for a few hours during the Super Bowl, this year’s advertisers weren’t interested in helping you. Many abandoned the tired formula of monkeys, talking babies and scantily clad women in favor of overt political messages on subjects like immigration, diversity and pay equity.

02.03.17 /PRMan Interviewing

Part 1: Best Practices for Securing TV Coverage

Behind many TV interviews is a hardworking public relations professional who worked to secure the opportunity on behalf of a client. And while what airs on T...

02.02.17 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Welcomes Seven New Hires

MGH announces it has added seven new employees to its account services, digital marketing, media and social media marketing teams.

01.27.17 /Social MediaWomen's March in Washington and the Power of Facebook

This Historical Moment is Brought to You by Facebook

It’s hard to overstate the role that social media has played in American politics over the last decade, but the fact that Hillary Clinton referenced a massiv...

01.20.17 /AdvertisingBlog Image

Welcome Back to the Silent Era

​Good news. I’m finally ready to embrace the world of videos without sound. I thank all of you for your patience. This hasn’t been easy. I’m an audio guy....

12.08.16 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Selected by Soccer Shots to Handle Digital Advertising

Baltimore agency will provide Facebook advertising and SEM for the growing franchise

12.07.16 /Account ServiceBlog Image

The Rise and Fall of Black Friday

I can’t remember who I was with or where I was, but roughly four years ago I remember overhearing a conversation about plans for Thanksgiving.

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