Papa John's Pizza


The Philadelphia Papa John’s co-op came to us after being frustrated with their previous media buying agency. Like every other franchise co-op, they wanted their hard-earned dollars to work harder and go farther.


We could quickly see that the Philly co-op wasn’t negotiating hard enough with media reps. They were paying more than they should and often got bumped from their schedules.


MGH worked with each station to extract lower rates and insisted on added value with every buy. We also employed CORE, a tracking technology that allowed us to encode Papa John’s spots and monitor them in real time. We reviewed the results from CORE daily, and immediately called for a make-good when spots didn’t air.

MGH worked with Papa John’s for more than 12 years, and over time, our relationship with the brand grew to include 42 co-ops around the country. MGH was twice named Papa John’s Agency of the Year (the only two years the award was given).

MGH handled media buying and planning, as well as some creative, public relations and social media.

MGH helped the Papa John's Pizza:

  • Secure $4.2 million in added value
  • Save $8.3 million due to 100% posting
  • Meet or exceed Papa John’s proprietary guidelines 99% of the time

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