Public Relations

Public relations is no longer a choice. You need to be the voice for your brand. You need to drive the conversation about your organization, whether you’re launching a new product offering or reacting to a crisis. And if you provide truthful, compelling and timely information, your audience will gladly pass it along. With a national network of media contacts and a sixth sense about what’s going to trend next, MGH is a PR agency uniquely positioned to make your voice heard. It’s real-time PR. Without the BS.

The expansion of social networks has turned everyday people into top influencers. That’s why our media contacts include bloggers and Instagrammers, as well as top-tier editors. But media relations is only part of the story. We employ a wide range of tactics to achieve your business goals. We create events that connect organizations with key stakeholders. We develop programs that turn employees into evangelists. We generate smart content to better engage with key audiences. And we integrate it all with your advertising, digital and social media marketing efforts. That’s our story. Now let our PR department tell yours.