Research & Strategy

Get people’s attention and drive them to act. That’s what we do – sometimes using six words or fewer. Yet, it’s rarely simple. To find the one thing that will move people into action, you must find out pretty much everything about them. This knowledge drives the marketing strategy.

We dig deep into your audience’s psyche with market research, market research and more market research. We analyze every megabyte of data. We conduct surveys. We talk to people about their hopes, dreams, beliefs and fears. We study the marketplace just as relentlessly to understand where you fit and how you stand apart – until we find that sweet spot where your customers’ needs and attitudes meet your brand’s promise and personality. We help you own it with compelling messaging, graphics and logos. And we reach your audience where they are through multi-channel marketing, including traditional, digital and grass roots marketing, social media, public relations, videos, and events – whatever it takes to disrupt their current thinking and get them to interact with you.