OLD BAY is an iconic seafood spice that originated in Baltimore more than 75 years ago. Yet despite having a devoted local following, overall sales for the brand were stale. And beyond Baltimore, an opportunity existed to significantly increase sales among light- and non-users.


As a Baltimore advertising agency, MGH knew first-hand the region’s passion for OLD BAY. We believed that tapping into that passion would be key to increasing sales, both locally and in the mid-Atlantic. By creating a brand strategy that showed loyalists the same kind of love that they showed OLD BAY, we would prompt additional purchases. We also believed we could promote trial by using OLD BAY devotees as brand ambassadors.


MGH created a two-prong, multi-summer integrated marketing campaign that reconnected the brand with its loyal following, and introduced the spice to new audiences in other markets. We utilized outdoor, radio, digital advertising and a branded food truck in markets such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Richmond, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Raleigh and South Carolina.

MGH helped OLD BAY:

  • Successfully expand into three new markets, including Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Achieve sales increases in nearly all markets, including double-digit increases in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia

What a concept: Good work, that actually worked.