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03.23.17 /Social MediaMarch Madness Bracket

Try as you might, NCAA tight on trademarks

Hey there, college basketball fan. How’s that bracket coming along? With only 16 teams left, you’re probably still losing in the office standings to that person wh...

02.23.17 /Social MediaBlog Image

#GoingViral: What it takes to be an internet “star”

You’ve seen them all – a dress with a pigment problem, a giggly mom with a crush on Chewbacca, and the red sweater-clad, mustachioed man called Bone. Viral moments...

01.27.17 /Social MediaBlog Image

This Historical Moment is Brought to You by Facebook

It’s hard to overstate the role that social media has played in American politics over the last decade, but the fact that Hillary Clinton referenced a massive secr...

10.27.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Facebook Live Flexes its Political Prowess

The 2016 presidential election is less than two weeks away. Let that amazing news sink in for just a moment.

10.18.16 /Social MediaBlog Image


Over the past few years, Facebook has gradually placed less emphasis on brands being “social” and more on them purchasing “media.” And despite the complaints that ...

08.30.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Vertical Video is King, and Facebook Knows It

If you were to rewind a year or two and ask marketers what they thought of vertical video, chances are that you’d get a few scoffs and rolled eyes from the hardcor...

08.25.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Is Your Social Media Policy Illegal? Learning from Chipotle Ruli

Are you guilty of having a generic social media policy that reads similar to “employees are prohibited from making defamatory remarks about [company name] on any m...

08.05.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Let’s talk about the Olym-

This year, the [World Sporting Event That Shall Not Be Named Taking Place in Rio de Janeiro] is taking intellectual property to a new level. While the NFL has i...

08.04.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Instagram Takes a Page from Snapchat’s Story

Remember when Star Wars: A Force Awakens hit theaters across the country? For the majority of fans, it was a way to breathe fresh life into a franchise full of cob...

07.27.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Reviewing Instagram's New Tools for Business

This week, Instagram announced the introduction of Instagram Business Tools, a suite of features designed to help businesses better connect with consumers. Include...

07.12.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Pokémon GO: Five Marketing Ideas for Your Business to Catch 'Em

New tech materializes on a seemingly daily basis, distracting consumers from what we really want them to do: buy our stuff. It’s become so hard to reach consume...

07.11.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Pikachu and the Unexpected Return of Location-Based Social Netwo

Something very strange, yet wonderful took place over the past week. People of all ages, races, cultures, and beliefs came together and hit the streets under one c...

06.30.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Dr. Zuckerberg or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the N

In what’s become all-too-common news, Facebook has announced, yet again, that it has changed the algorithm of its News Feed. Brands and publishers that once were a...

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