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08.15.18 / Social Media Blog Image

InstaHack? Russians Target Facebook Again

Picture this: Your personal photos are floating around the social media sphere – your family, friends, experiences – and you have absolutely no control over it. Scary thought, right?

08.10.18 /MGHblog cover photo

Culture? MGH Has a Committee for That

Culture Committee events are meant to be morale-boosters, so MGHers have something to look forward to every month. It allows our employees to take a small br...

08.06.18 /Digital TrendsBlog Image

What’s MGHappening in Social Media: August 6, 2018

Doctors have recently raised concern over something called “Snapchat dysmorphia,” which is a consequence of how social media may alter someone’s self-esteem.

07.31.18 /MGHside hussle blog banner image

Creativity Outside MGH: My Side Hustle

Being a senior digital analyst at MGH, keyword planners, budget pacing models and pivot tables are everyday tools used to make paid search reach projections,...

07.30.18 /Digital Trendsweekly blog trends cover

What’s MGHappening in Social Media: Week of July 23-29, 2018

Instagram is also testing a new way for users to react to Stories using emojis. Similar to how Facebook utilizes reactions for posts, Stories could adopt thi...

07.25.18 /Advertisingblog cover photo

Ecobranding: When Logo Design Helps the Environment

Making a brand more eco-friendly doesn’t need to consist of an over-the-top rebrand. The solution can be as easy as taking a solid, filled-in mark, like the ...

07.19.18 /Digital TrendsBlog Image

Midway Through 2018: What Have We Learned?

Now that we’re halfway through 2018, it’s time to take stock of what we’ve learned over the last six months in the marketing industry. We asked each MGH depa...

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