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What’s MGHappening in Social Media: Jan 14, 2019

Facebook is facing some bad press as former employees have described the company’s culture as “cult-like.” In the past, Facebook has ranked as the No. 1 place to work in tech according to Glassdoor. But after the #deletefacebook movement and a slew of scandals in 2018, that ranking has fallen.

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Product Placement, Celebrities and…Water?

None too pleased was vocal anti-hydration actress Jamie Lee Curtis, who expressed her anger toward the water company and claimed she did not give consent to ...

01.07.19 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

Ad Age Names MGH Among 2019 Best Places to Work

MGH’s selection places it among the top 25 small-to-mid-sized agencies (1-200 employees). The honor was based on employee and employer surveys and is judged ...

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Social Media Predictions for 2019

Don’t miss out on some of these trends in 2019 and beyond. With social media still being a relatively new way for fans to connect with brands, things can cha...

12.19.18 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Hires Two New Employees

“We’re so pleased to have talented and positive individuals like Andrew and Reese at MGH,” CEO Andy Malis said of the hires.

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What’s MGHappening in Social Media: Dec. 18, 2018

Facebook recently filed a new patent called “Offline Trajectories,” which is expected to allow Facebook to predict the next place a user will visit.

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Podcasts Won’t Be a “Hidden Gem” for Long

Podcasting revenue increased 50 percent during the first six months of 2018 from the same time period a year earlier. Total revenue is expected to grow nearl...

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