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02.16.18 /Digital MarketingBlog Image

Presidents Day Shopping: How Marketers View Retail Holidays

The holidays are over, as is the Super Bowl. You're still bundling up for winter, but spring is right around the corner.

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It’s Not Millennials Killing Your Industry. It’s Common Sense.

Here are a few other examples of industries that are hurting and blaming millennials, courtesy of Business Insider...

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10 Pre-Holiday Digital Marketing Tips for Retailers

The holiday shopping season is a huge opportunity to drive incremental revenue, and if you want to make the most of it, you need to start planning early.

07.12.17 /Digital MarketingMGH Logo Blog Image

MGH Through the Eyes of an Intern

Even though I was in a completely new environment, I felt a sense of home created by the endless images of OLD BAY spice cans, Rodney the lifeguard from Ocean City...

02.15.17 /Digital MarketingEmbracing Digital Disruption Blog Image

Embracing Digital Disruption

​I recently read an article by Business Insider that said, “For the last 20 years, digital has disrupted print. For the next 20, it will disrupt TV.” So true!!!...

11.16.16 /Digital Marketingsports on tv

The Last “Sure Thing”

It used to be easy. If you wanted to advertise your product or service, you could reach a mass audience through either TV or radio or even newspapers. But, those d...

09.28.16 /Digital MarketingBlog Image

Re-Engage Audiences with These 7 Content Remarketing Strategies

Once you have produced quality content for your brand, how do you leverage it to gain leads? Users that are consuming your website’s content, but leave before they...

08.03.16 /Digital MarketingBlog Image

Google Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads; SEM Advertisers Rejoice

For those of us used to being confined to the all too familiar formula of 25-35-35 when writing ad copy, the latest announcement by Google to roll out expanded tex...

07.12.16 /Digital MarketingPokemon Go

Pokémon GO: Five Marketing Ideas for Your Business to Catch 'Em

New tech materializes on a seemingly daily basis, distracting consumers from what we really want them to do: buy our stuff. It’s become so hard to reach consume...

05.03.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

The Competitor You Can’t Ignore

But what if this is changing? What if the biggest threats to your sales are no longer your competitors or the normal economic cycle, but a permanent change in atti...

03.28.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Spotify Goes Local

As radio listening has evolved over the past few years, so have the options to advertise to those listeners. Spotify is now the latest streaming music service all...

03.08.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Email Marketing: How To Be Awesome, Not Annoying

When approaching your email strategy, there are three things you should keep in mind: your list, your subject line and your content.

03.01.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Google Eliminates Right-side Ads – What You Need to Know

Since the advent of the search engine, eye-tracking studies have shown that users tend to gravitate towards the top of the page listings, followed by the top organ...

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