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08.15.18 /Social MediaBlog Image

InstaHack? Russians Target Facebook Again

Picture this: Your personal photos are floating around the social media sphere – your family, friends, experiences – and you have absolutely no control over it. Sc...

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Dos and Don’ts of Finding Your Brand’s Voice

It’s one thing to demonstrate a brand’s voice through a thought-out campaign carefully crafted over time. It’s another to bring your brand to life on social media ...

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What Does It Mean That Teens Are Cooling on Facebook?

The only constant of social media is that it is always changing – an aphorism that is repeated almost daily in marketing agencies around the world. While it may be...

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In Social Media, Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

New, exciting opportunities arise in the digital world multiple times per day, and it can be painful to constantly remind yourself to maintain focus.

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Ten Lessons From a Social Media Marketing Manager

I recently hit my 10-year anniversary here at MGH, which I believe equates to 30 in “social media years.” To celebrate the milestone, I was asked to do more work (...

02.26.18 /Social MediaBlog Image

Messenger Apps are the Future for Brand Communication

A world where everyone is constantly on their phones? It may feel like a cold look into the future at first glance, however, platforms like Facebook Messenger, Wha...

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From 'Impermissible Icing' to a Recruiting 'Must-Have'

Last week felt a little bit like the week of Aug. 5, 2014 here at MGH, and it’s certainly not because of the weather. Just like three and a half years ago, our Gre...

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What Do Facebook's Newest Changes Mean for You?

There’s still a place for you on the News Feed. That place just happens to be between a video of your Aunt Karen’s poodle dressed up as cowboy and baby photos shar...

11.29.17 /Social MediaBlog Image

Facebook's Next Target: Yelp

Facebook’s quest to eliminate its competitors and be involved in every element of your digital life is far from over. The latest proof of this is the re-launch of ...

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Facebook CPMs and CTRs on the Rise

Facebook ultimately controls the space at this point, and with so many other competing brands willing to shell out the extra bucks to have a presence on the mammot...

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In the Name of “Brevity,” Twitter Gets Verbose

Twitter has certainly changed over the years. Earlier this week, founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced quite possibly the company’s most extreme development – the ...

09.27.17 /Social MediaBlog Image

Facebook Getting Politically Correct

Facebook’s role – albeit as an unwilling partner, rather than an active agent – in a foreign power’s attempt to undermine those democratic values is what has Zucke...

09.15.17 /Social MediaBlog Image

Driving Toward Voice-Based Social Media?

HearMeOut lets you share 42-second voice clips. Content includes personal and spontaneous moments of people hitting record and talking, singers and songwriters pre...

08.09.17 /Social MediaGo out to lunch

It’s Your Patriotic Duty: Go Out To Lunch!

The problem is the U.S. economy. The solution is simple. Go out to lunch. At a sit-down restaurant. With a waiter. Today. Right now. Even if it’s not lunchtime.

07.27.17 /Social Mediainstagram-snapchat-logos

Has Instagram Snapped Up Influencers?

Since Instagram Stories launched last year, its adaption rate has skyrocketed, while Snapchat’s growth has decreased by more than half, from the middle of 2016 to ...

03.23.17 /Social MediaMarch Madness Bracket

Try As You Might, NCAA Tight on Trademarks

Hey there, college basketball fan. How’s that bracket coming along? With only 16 teams left, you’re probably still losing in the office standings to that person wh...

02.23.17 /Social MediaPeople Using Computers

#GoingViral: What it Takes to be an Internet “Star”

You’ve seen them all – a dress with a pigment problem, a giggly mom with a crush on Chewbacca, and the red sweater-clad, mustachioed man called Bone. Viral moments...

01.27.17 /Social MediaWomen's March in Washington and the Power of Facebook

This Historical Moment is Brought to You by Facebook

It’s hard to overstate the role that social media has played in American politics over the last decade, but the fact that Hillary Clinton referenced a massive secr...

10.27.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Facebook Live Flexes its Political Prowess

The 2016 presidential election is less than two weeks away. Let that amazing news sink in for just a moment.

10.18.16 /Social MediaBlog Image


Over the past few years, Facebook has gradually placed less emphasis on brands being “social” and more on them purchasing “media.” And despite the complaints that ...

08.25.16 /Social Mediaman using cellphone

Is Your Social Media Policy Illegal?

Are you guilty of having a generic social media policy that reads similar to “employees are prohibited from making defamatory remarks about [company name] on any m...

08.05.16 /Social MediaOlympics

Let’s talk about the Olym-

This year, the [World Sporting Event That Shall Not Be Named Taking Place in Rio de Janeiro] is taking intellectual property to a new level. While the NFL has i...

08.04.16 /Social MediaInstagram logo

Instagram Takes a Page from Snapchat’s Story

Remember when Star Wars: A Force Awakens hit theaters across the country? For the majority of fans, it was a way to breathe fresh life into a franchise full of cob...

07.27.16 /Social MediaInstagram like

Reviewing Instagram's New Tools for Business

This week, Instagram announced the introduction of Instagram Business Tools, a suite of features designed to help businesses better connect with consumers. Include...

07.17.16 /Social MediaMGH Blog Post

Algorithms Are Coming for Instagram!

We’ve all been in this boat: we’re scrolling through a friend’s account and see a photo from three days ago that we missed. You don’t want to double tap and draw a...

07.11.16 /Social MediaPokemon Go

The Unexpected Return of Location-Based Social Networking

Something very strange, yet wonderful took place over the past week. People of all ages, races, cultures, and beliefs came together and hit the streets under one c...

06.30.16 /Social MediaDr. Mark Zuckerberg

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Newsfeed

In what’s become all-too-common news, Facebook has announced, yet again, that it has changed the algorithm of its News Feed. Brands and publishers that once were a...

04.11.16 /Social MediaBlog Image

Facebook is Changing the Way You Message and Chat

In anticipation of Facebook’s F8 conference next week, insider information around Chat Bots and Live Chat plugins has also been leaked!

04.06.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Live is LIVE!

In addition to being featured on the News Feed and through user notifications, Live video will also be featured in a separate section in the Facebook platform. Thi...

04.01.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Re-introducing Paper: A Better Way to Experience Facebook

That’s why I’d like to re-introduce Facebook’s exclusive iPhone app called Paper. Since I downloaded Paper more than two years ago, I haven’t needed to open Facebo...

03.24.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Facebook Puts Emphasis On Safety During Brussels Attacks

Facebook will send the user a notification if it appears they are close to an affected area. It will then ask that user to click or tap the “I’m Safe” button to in...

03.22.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Facebook Updates Parent-Child Structure for Businesses

Are the benefits of Facebook Locations worth the time, effort and dedication that is required?

02.25.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Day 3: We’ve Got Snapchat Results!

After what seemed like a year (24 whole hours), we finally have the results from our Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter test. Well…sorta. Here they are:

02.24.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Don’t Feel Like “Liking”? There’s a Facebook Reaction For That

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that Facebook allowed you to express yourself beyond a simple like, it’s your lucky day.

02.23.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Day 2: Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters (UPDATE)

For a one-day budget of $35, we designed a simple filter, set a radius around our office building and encouraged our employees to give it a whirl. Here are some of...

02.22.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Snapchat On-Demand Geofilters Are Here!

That said, the social advertising game changes today with the launch of Snapchat’s new On-Demand Geofilter service. Now, not only can businesses create their own g...

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