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03.07.18 /MediaBlog Image

Is This Sporting Event Worth Your Ad Dollars?

There are plenty of big events, tournaments and sporting spectacles we should expect to take over our television screens over the next 10 months. Here are the tren...

02.02.18 /MediaBlog Image

Super Bowl Sunday Advertising: A Media Buyer's Analysis

But following a season of full of various controversies, will companies be willing to spend that much again? Our media buying and planning services team investigates.

12.20.17 /MediaBlog Image

2018 TV Series - Where MGH Stands on Winter Premieres

Since the universe of television has somewhat unlimited options, we’ve limited our review to the top 5 broadcast television networks, selecting one new show from e...

08.03.17 /MediaBreaking News

Capitalizing When Everything Seems to be “Breaking News”

Breaking news will continue to be a dominant force in the way the media operates. By following these six tips, your organization will be well-equipped to harness i...

04.06.17 /MediaGolf Course Image - Masters

Masters Freeze Out – What to do?

The PGA Tour considers itself to have “The Most Valuable Audience in Sports.” According to PGA Tour data, its fans earn more, spend more, and give more than fans o...

11.10.16 /Mediaworking millennials

Agencies: Make Room for Millennials

Recently, a few members of the media department met with a young woman who had applied for an assistant job we had posted online. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sit thr...

03.25.16 /MediaMGH Media Blog Post

Is it Time to ‘Can’ the Canned Response?

You stumble in your Grammy performance, and Adele, we want to hear from you about the In-N-Out burger you ate to cope because consumers crave an immediate, authen...

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