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11.23.16 /Web Design and Developmentcellphone online shopping

Retailers Beware! Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Ready!

It’s that time of year again…retailers are hitting consumers hard with every kind of marketing medium available. My mailbox is full of catalogs, my inbox is full o...

10.13.16 /Web Design and DevelopmentBlog Image

Responsive Design for Your Inbox

Who doesn’t love getting mail? Email from your subscribers has finally become easier on the eyes. Last month, Google announced that “Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will ...

10.06.16 /Web Design and DevelopmentBlog Image

Absurd Title!

Two summers ago, after my junior year of high school, I dove into a web programming internship with MGH that ultimately guided my academic trajectory and inspired ...

08.10.16 /Web Design and DevelopmentBlog Image

10 Browser Extensions Every Digital Marketer Needs In Their Life

If you’re a digital marketer who spends your days designing or building sites, testing website responsiveness, creating web manuals and monitoring site analytics, ...

05.24.16 /Web Design and DevelopmentBlog Image

The New Instagram Logo, Dissected

​Do you love it? Hate it? To all of our daily Instagram users out there, I’m sure you’ve noticed the fresh new upgrade to your IG account, which rolled out earl...

11.30.15 /Web Design and DevelopmentCollaboration

The Importance of Research/Discovery when Creating a New Website

A pretty site might get you some press or excitement when it launches, but in the long run, a client needs their site to be achieving specific goals for their busi...

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