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Starbucks Store Closures Part of Larger Crisis Comms Campaign

If you went to any of the 8,000 company-owned Starbucks stores across the country this afternoon in search of a latte, cappuccino or my favorite – plain black coff...

05.01.18 /PRMGH Press Release

MGH Announces Newest Client, 440-Unit Chain Round Table Pizza®

MGH has expanded its relationship with Global Franchise Group® (GFG), the strategic brand management company, for its newly acquired brand Round Table Pizza (RTP) ...

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Invest in Media Training or Waste Your Marketing Budget

Earning media is difficult enough, but if you can’t deliver a confident, consistent brand spokesperson for interview opportunities, your public relations efforts w...

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Facebook Users Surveyed Trust Facebook Less Than They Did Before

More than Two in Three Facebook Users Surveyed Trust Facebook Less Than They Did Before Learning of Cambridge Analytica’s Use of Data from 50 Million Profiles

12.07.17 /PRBlog Image

'Tis the Season to be Pitching

So, make sure you don’t just take things at face value. Try and push your clients to help break through the holiday clutter to increase your chances for coverage.

10.19.17 /PRBlog Image

5 Simple Steps for Writing About Complex Stuff

In the end, there's really no getting around it: Writing about complex material can be HARD. While the steps to being successful seem simple, they require a team d...

03.30.17 /PRGrammer image

On Reluctantly Deleting the Oxford Comma

Am I among those who have posed for an Instagram pic with my new hardcopy Associated Press (AP) Style Guide like a total dweeb? One of those persistently obnoxious...

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Part 2: Three Tips to Help Prep for TV Coverage

As a follow up to my first post, I've written a second post that includes a few tips on how to prepare for TV coverage

02.03.17 /PRMan Interviewing

Part 1: Best Practices for Securing TV Coverage

Behind many TV interviews is a hardworking public relations professional who worked to secure the opportunity on behalf of a client. And while what airs on TV is a...

11.02.16 /PRBlog Image

It’s a Small World After All

If you live in Baltimore, you’ll often hear people reference “smalltimore,” meaning people in different circles tend to cross paths down the line, or you meet some...

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It’s Officially Celebrity Corn Maze Season

Our PR brainstorms always have eight attendees – the seven members of our team and the list of qualities that make a story newsworthy. Without considering these ne...

05.19.16 /PRMGH Public Relations Blog Post

The Unwritten Rules of Media Relations

In public relations, working with the news media comes with similar unwritten rules. As a PR practitioner, if you chose to ignore these rules, you run the risk of ...

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