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The Most Legendary Commercials of 2020’s Big Game

There are commercials that people remember, and there are commercials that people can’t forget. When purchasing a spot during the Big Game, advertisers better hope they are creative enough to have their brands named among the legends that came before them.

After much deliberation (and guacamole), MGH’s agency marketing manager Bridget Plunkett has compiled a list of brands that stuck out as the legendary ads of the 2020 Big Game.

Legendary Ads That Made Us Laugh

Hyundai | Smaht Pahk

Even if you don’t find the Boston accent “chahming,” you have to admit- this star-studded Bostonian commercial caught your attention.

TurboTax | All The People

This commercial almost makes us look forward to doing our taxes. Almost.

Amazon | #BeforeAlexa

Where would we be without Alexa? Ellen and her wife Portia painted us the perfect picture of the life people may have had before Alexa came along. #BeforeAlexa

Michelob ULTRA | Jimmy Works It Out

We never thought of drinking beer as the perfect post-workout routine, but if Jimmy Fallon and John Cena say it’s fine, we are on board Michelob.

Rocket Mortgage | Feat. Jason Momoa

We will never look at Aqua Man the same after this commercial, Rocket Mortgage.

Legendary Ads That Made Us Cry

Google | Lorretta

Honestly, Google had us missing Loretta.

WeatherTech | Lucky Dog

Not to be dramatic, but if you didn’t shed a tear after watching Scout the WeatherTech golden retriever survive his cancer journey, we’re going to need to request you thaw out your frozen heart.

So there you have it. A list of legendary ads that were worth waiting until the football started again to refill our snacks.

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