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4 Questions Before Signing an Agency

The mark of a good agency is the ability to react with precision. Ask your prospective agency to provide examples of its ability to get creative with quick changes to an ad campaign. Take note if it struggles to come up with relevant cases.

04.17.18 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Adds Five Hires, Including Former Employee Heather Wassell

MGH welcomes five new hires including former employee Heather Wassell.

04.10.18 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

Paul Fredrick Taps MGH to Lead Marketing Efforts

The agency will manage all search engine marketing (SEM), retargeting and display ads, as well as social media advertising, to raise brand awareness and acqu...

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Facebook Users Surveyed Trust Facebook Less Than They Did Before

More than Two in Three Facebook Users Surveyed Trust Facebook Less Than They Did Before Learning of Cambridge Analytica’s Use of Data from 50 Million Profiles

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Outdoor Advertising is Having a Moment

In general, outdoor advertising has had a great story to tell. A good campaign may not win you an Oscar, land you a tennis-star wife or get you on reality TV...

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Ten Lessons From a Social Media Marketing Manager

I recently hit my 10-year anniversary here at MGH, which I believe equates to 30 in “social media years.” To celebrate the milestone, I was asked to do more ...

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Is This Sporting Event Worth Your Ad Dollars?

There are plenty of big events, tournaments and sporting spectacles we should expect to take over our television screens over the next 10 months. Here are th...

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