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Three 2018 Trends to Keep an Eye On

If the first few weeks of 2018 are any indication of what’s to come, there are plenty more changes and buzz-worthy topics on the horizon.

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What Do Facebook's Newest Changes Mean for You?

There’s still a place for you on the News Feed. That place just happens to be between a video of your Aunt Karen’s poodle dressed up as cowboy and baby photo...

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2018 TV Series - Where MGH Stands on Winter Premieres

Since the universe of television has somewhat unlimited options, we’ve limited our review to the top 5 broadcast television networks, selecting one new show ...

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My TV Broke and My 16-Year-Old Couldn't Care Less

But what does the future hold? Will TV remain “King (or Queen) of All Media,” or will it become unnecessary?

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'Tis the Season to be Pitching

So, make sure you don’t just take things at face value. Try and push your clients to help break through the holiday clutter to increase your chances for cove...

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Facebook's Next Target: Yelp

Facebook’s quest to eliminate its competitors and be involved in every element of your digital life is far from over. The latest proof of this is the re-laun...

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1K Ideas in a 4K World

The next generation of online video will, by necessity, need to be driven by ideas – in particular, ideas that support an overall brand message. Otherwise, a...

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