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09.27.17 / Social Media Blog Image

Facebook Getting Politically Correct

Facebook’s role – albeit as an unwilling partner, rather than an active agent – in a foreign power’s attempt to undermine those democratic values is what has Zuckerberg in hot water.

09.21.17 /Digital MarketingBlog Image

10 Pre-Holiday Digital Marketing Tips for Retailers

The holiday shopping season is a huge opportunity to drive incremental revenue, and if you want to make the most of it, you need to start planning early.

09.15.17 /Social MediaBlog Image

Driving Toward Voice-Based Social Media?

HearMeOut lets you share 42-second voice clips. Content includes personal and spontaneous moments of people hitting record and talking, singers and songwrite...

09.14.17 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Welcomes Three New Hires

MGH announces it has added three new employees to its interactive, media and public relations teams.

08.23.17 /AdvertisingcomScore vs Nielsen

comScore vs. Nielsen

Advertising rates rely on Nielsen’s count of the number of people who watch TV ads. And while comScore is certainly collecting data from many more homes, Nie...

08.09.17 /Social MediaGo out to lunch

It’s Your Patriotic Duty: Go Out To Lunch!

The problem is the U.S. economy. The solution is simple. Go out to lunch. At a sit-down restaurant. With a waiter. Today. Right now. Even if it’s not lunchtime.

08.03.17 /MediaBreaking News

Capitalizing When Everything Seems to be “Breaking News”

Breaking news will continue to be a dominant force in the way the media operates. By following these six tips, your organization will be well-equipped to har...

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