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08.23.17 / Advertising comScore vs Nielsen

comScore vs. Nielsen

Advertising rates rely on Nielsen’s count of the number of people who watch TV ads. And while comScore is certainly collecting data from many more homes, Nielsen is able to give demo ratings.

08.09.17 /Social MediaGo out to lunch

It’s Your Patriotic Duty: Go Out To Lunch!

The problem is the U.S. economy. The solution is simple. Go out to lunch. At a sit-down restaurant. With a waiter. Today. Right now. Even if it’s not lunchtime.

08.03.17 /MediaBreaking News

Capitalizing When Everything Seems to be “Breaking News”

Breaking news will continue to be a dominant force in the way the media operates. By following these six tips, your organization will be well-equipped to har...

07.27.17 /Social Mediainstagram-snapchat-logos

Has Instagram Snapped Up Influencers?

Since Instagram Stories launched last year, its adaption rate has skyrocketed, while Snapchat’s growth has decreased by more than half, from the middle of 20...

07.12.17 /Digital MarketingMGH Logo Blog Image

MGH Through the Eyes of an Intern

Even though I was in a completely new environment, I felt a sense of home created by the endless images of OLD BAY spice cans, Rodney the lifeguard from Ocea...

07.07.17 /AdvertisingComputer Keyboard

The Retail “Correction”

There are more reasons than online shopping as to why brick-and-mortar retail stores are closing their doors. Learn the 3 main reasons in our most recent post.

07.06.17 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

Ocean City, Maryland Renews MGH’s Contract through 2020

MGH is pleased to announce that its contract with the Ocean City, Md., Department of Tourism has been extended for three years.

Breaking news. MGH wants you as a client.