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08.05.16 / Social Media Olympics

Let’s talk about the Olym-

This year, the [World Sporting Event That Shall Not Be Named Taking Place in Rio de Janeiro] is taking intellectual property to a new level. While the NFL has its gripes about the official use of its championship contest (cue “Big Game” phrases), and the NCAA won’t let us get close to a certain alliterative phrase centered around a particular spring month, the U.S. Olympic Committee takes the cake in strangleholds on word choice.

08.04.16 /Social MediaInstagram logo

Instagram Takes a Page from Snapchat’s Story

Remember when Star Wars: A Force Awakens hit theaters across the country? For the majority of fans, it was a way to breathe fresh life into a franchise full ...

08.03.16 /Digital MarketingBlog Image

Google Rolls Out Expanded Text Ads; SEM Advertisers Rejoice

For those of us used to being confined to the all too familiar formula of 25-35-35 when writing ad copy, the latest announcement by Google to roll out expand...

07.29.16 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Launches Three New Client Websites

​Baltimore agency tapped to revamp websites for Hot Dog on a Stick and Laurel Springs School and design a microsite for OLD BAY to support its 2016 marketing...

07.27.16 /Social MediaInstagram like

Reviewing Instagram's New Tools for Business

This week, Instagram announced the introduction of Instagram Business Tools, a suite of features designed to help businesses better connect with consumers. I...

07.17.16 /Social MediaMGH Blog Post

Algorithms Are Coming for Instagram!

We’ve all been in this boat: we’re scrolling through a friend’s account and see a photo from three days ago that we missed. You don’t want to double tap and ...

07.12.16 /Digital MarketingPokemon Go

Pokémon GO: Five Marketing Ideas for Your Business to Catch 'Em

New tech materializes on a seemingly daily basis, distracting consumers from what we really want them to do: buy our stuff. It’s become so hard to reach c...

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