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04.06.16 / Social Media MGH Social Media Blog Post

Live is LIVE!

In addition to being featured on the News Feed and through user notifications, Live video will also be featured in a separate section in the Facebook platform. This will allow users to view live streams from their Facebook friends or join a “Live with Friends” group.

04.01.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Re-introducing Paper: A Better Way to Experience Facebook

That’s why I’d like to re-introduce Facebook’s exclusive iPhone app called Paper. Since I downloaded Paper more than two years ago, I haven’t needed to open ...

03.30.16 /MGH Press ReleaseMGH Press Release

MGH Promotes Four Employees

MGH today announced it has promoted four employees within its interactive, media and public relations/social media teams.

03.28.16 /Digital MarketingMGH Digital Marketing Blog Post

Spotify Goes Local

As radio listening has evolved over the past few years, so have the options to advertise to those listeners. Spotify is now the latest streaming music servi...

03.25.16 /MediaMGH Media Blog Post

Is it Time to ‘Can’ the Canned Response?

You stumble in your Grammy performance, and Adele, we want to hear from you about the In-N-Out burger you ate to cope because consumers crave an immediate, ...

03.24.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Facebook Puts Emphasis On Safety During Brussels Attacks

Facebook will send the user a notification if it appears they are close to an affected area. It will then ask that user to click or tap the “I’m Safe” button...

03.22.16 /Social MediaMGH Social Media Blog Post

Facebook Updates Parent-Child Structure for Businesses

Are the benefits of Facebook Locations worth the time, effort and dedication that is required?

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